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How to Use Amazon to Find Powerful Content Ideas

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Are you looking for fresh content ideas that your audience will find value in?

Effective ways of getting visitors to your blog or other social media platforms is by posting fresh new and engaging content always.

. Yet, I will be sharing with you a way that will help you keep new ideas flowing to ensure you always share fresh and engaging content with your audience by using powerful Amazon books.

I will share with you a quick and awesome way to get endless content ideas, so you can captivate your audience and keep them engaged using Amazon books.

Now let’s get started

What is Amazon?

Amazon ( is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent digital service provider.

Amazon was an online bookselling company, and it has turned into an internet-based business enterprise that is focusing on providing e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

If you want to learn more about Amazon website you can click and it will take you to an article about Amazon website.

Why use Amazon Book to look for Fresh Ideas?

Thousands of books are being published on amazons every day on different topics, in the various industries of the world.

So many people go to Amazon to read books, download books, rent books, and buy books of their choice.

And many people write reviews of the books that they read and express their opinion.

That is why Amazon is a good place to find content ideas for your blogging business to create an engaging post for your audience.

Head Over to Amazon

Type in in your search bar or any version of Amazon you are using.

Amazon will change it to your location so if you don’t want that you can change it back to any preferred location you want, where you feel your targeted audience are.

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Anyway, any location you choose will work for this method.

Find the Books in Your Niche

use Amazon book

Whatever business, Industry, or Niche you are in, you will find books that are written for the same targeted audience.

For example, if you are in the digital marketing business look for books that digital marketers wrote for their audience.

Type in digital marketing books in the search bar of Amazon.

Amazon will show you a lot of different books that are in that field.

Find the most relevant books to your niche and skim through the books to choose the ones your targeted audience will read.

If you want the recent books, you can add the year to the niche of the book you are looking for.

For example, in the SEO book in 2022, all the books that are about SEO in 2022 will show up for you to choose your choice.

You can use people reviews and Q&A sessions to guide you on which book to choose.

A book that has a lot of reviews and high stars, signals to you that a lot of people have read the book and like it.

Click on the Book to Check the Table of Content

The next step, for you to do is to click on the book, then click on the hardcover of the book you choose, scroll through the book and you will find a table of contents of the book

Or at the side of the cover of the book click on the table of contents option.

From the table of content, you can get the topic idea, which you can use to generate blog posts and other content to share with your audience.

check the review, by clicking on the review of the book to see what people are saying about the book.

Make sure you check both the good and bad reviews to know what people are talking

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about in the book.

And what they don’t want about the book, what they wish were in the book, but it is not in the book.

What chapter of the book are people talking about that is amazing, you can do this to create content and strategy for your blogging business, and another platform you are using.

Always remember creating good content for your audience is good but creating profitable good content for your business is the key to success, Add a Call To Action that will help your business grow and makes a profit always.


Using Amazon to generate fresh content ideas is an easy way to have good content posts for your audience.

Consistency is one of the keys to being successful online.

So follow the steps in the post to have fresh ideas ready for your audience.

After generating content ideas for your blogging business, then you can use this blog post as guide to write a friendly SEO blog post for your audience.

If you find the blog post useful, leave a comment and share with others.

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