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Web Hosting: 9 Best factors to Beware for Affiliate Marketing Blog

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There is no doubt that if you want to be successful as an affiliate marketer.
You have to own a blog or website that is working.
If you are thinking of creating an affiliate marketing blog or website.

It is necessary to know the features that make them function well.
To do this, you need a web hosting service.
What is a web hosting service?
This article will discuss factors to beware of when buying,

for your affiliate marketing blog.
Let’s get started!

What is a Webhosting Service?

A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that hosts websites for users.
In a simple language, it offers the required facilities for users to create, and maintain a site.

And makes it accessible on the World Wide Web.
A company or business that provides web hosting services is sometimes called a web host.

The first thing you’ll need to do is

identify exactly what features your blog needs to function well.

There is no point in spending money on services that your site doesn’t need at the moment.
With so many different features options available,

it can be difficult to know where to start when buying a web hosting plan for your blog.
Here are some of the main features that affiliate marketing blogs need.
To help narrow down your search we have compiled a list of 9 factors,

that you should beware when choosing which plan is right for you:

1. Registration and Renewal Required Cost

Most web hosting companies will offer you a discount when you want to sign up with them for the first time.
But when you want to renew your plan that is when you have to pay the full cost of the hosting plan.

Make sure you check the cost of the registration and the cost of their renewal plan.

If it’s is something you will be able to manage and continue to pay for.
Remember if you can not pay the renewal plan the web hosting company will pull down your site from the internet.
So to avoid that when planning to buy a plan from any web hosting company you decided on make sure to plan that.
Another thing that I notice with the registration of most web hosting plans.

Is that they sell upsells which is the more year you pay, the more discount you get.
It’s unnecessary to pay for more when it’s your first time signing up with web hosting.

You did not know how well you will like their service.
If you are signing up for the first time is better to signup for a year and see how well you get along with them.
Depending on the result you get from their performance,

you can decide whatever plan and years you wish to signup with.

2. Domain Name Registration

Factors to beware of when choosing web hosting

A domain name registration service allows, users to buy domains under certain TLDs (top-level domains).
For example .com, .net, .org etc…

These domains then act as unique addresses, for each user’s website hosted by their provider.
It is better that you register your own domain name rather than using one provided by your web host.

This will help increase your brand credibility,

and give you more control over how people find and remember your site.
There are many controversies about registering your domain name,

with your web host provider or domain name registrar.
Some of the reasons why some people are against registering your domain name with your hosting provider is that if anything happens to the hosting company,

you will be able to keep your domain name and register with another hosting company.
Rather than losing your domain name with them.
Another reason is that if users placed both their website and domain services.

Under the same company, but forgot to pay their hosting plan,

the company will remove their website until they pay their debt.
Some people can decide to register with,

another hosting company since they have their domain name with another company.
We are in 2022 Technology can solve all these problems.
Pick a reputable service provider that has an ICANN- accredited domain registrar.
You can check through the search engine by typing the name of the web host company.

The web hosting company’s history and its features will show up.
Most reliable web hosting always sends an e-mail reminder to their customers.

About their hosting bill and you can negotiate with them if you don’t have money at the moment.

Tell them when you will be able to pay them in order for them not to remove your website.
So there is no problem having both your domain name and your website under the same service.

To me, it’s even a lot cheaper because most of them will provide you with free domain name registration.

So it’s up to you anyone you decided is okay.

3. Bandwidth Allowance

If you plan on uploading lots of images or video files to a blog.

It’s of great significance that you choose a hosting plan,

with enough bandwidth allowance to accommodate these larger files.
Most plans come with at least 10GB of bandwidth per month,

but if you think that won’t be enough, consider buying more space from your host.
Many providers also offer unlimited bandwidth packages,

which allows users to upload any file size, without worrying about over usage or extra costs.

4. What Level of Support do you Need?

Another factor to consider is support;

Not all hosting providers offer 24/7 customer support,

which means you might find yourself without an answer when you need one most.
It’s important to choose a provider who offers,

both customer service and server reliability

.Weigh these two factors and decide your choice.
Knowing how much support you need is a good step.
Do you want an easy way to get started, or do you have questions that need timely answers?
The answers will help you determine how many, ticket support requests you can get each day.
You’ll also want to think about whether you can get adequate customer service from their staff.
If you only need email support and know that you can handle it all on your own,

then shared hosting is right for you.

As a beginner sharing hosting is okay, then as you grow,

you can go with managed hosting or dedicated serve.

Make sure you check them out before buying from them.

5. your uptime is important

Web Hosting

To ensure that your website remains functional,

you’ll want to be sure that your hosting provider offers at least 99.95% uptime.
If they advertise 100% uptime, look deeper into their service there’s usually a caveat (warning) there, that states something. Hardware failures do happen and can cause downtime,

so it’s important to know what would happen if one occurred on your site.

6. Free SSL Certificate

Before signup with any web hosting company, make sure they can offer you a free SSL Certificate.
SSL certificates are what allow a website to move from HTTP to HTTPS,

which verified the security of the website.
If a website does not have an SSL certificate installed,

whenever a visitor is trying to visit that site,

Google will signal the visitor that the website is not secured.
That means you will be losing visitors whenever they try to visit your site.

You will not be able to earn through your affiliate tracking links.

No one wants to visit an Insecure site.

7. Security Level

It should offer high-level protection against hacking, unauthorized access,

and other malicious attempts to get your sensitive information.
It should also support newer security technologies like two-factor authentication (2FA),

which requires an extra code also to your username and password.
Other important security features include malware scanning, automatic database backup, and offsite storage of your files.

The more secure you can make your site, the better.
Users will trust it more and be willing to provide,

their personal information in exchange for valuable content.

8. Backup

Do not overlook backup for your site, you should consider it before choosing a web host company.
As an affiliate marketer, tracking links in our content is how we generate income.
So any web hosting company that does not have an automatic backup for your blog, do not consider them.
Anything can happen to your affiliate blog, like failed server, a hack, or a fire at the data center,

there should always be a backup plan for your blog.
If you prefer the web hosting company and they don’t have a backup plan,

make sure they can make it easy for you to backup your own copy of your blog.

9. Money Back Policy

Make sure you check their money back policy and their guarantee period.

Money back guarantee gives you risk-free benefit of buying from any web hosting company.

Any web hosting company that don’t offer money back policy, you should avoid them,

because they will not provide you with best services since they will not loose anything.

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As an affiliate marketer, you must observe the web hosting company,

before signing up with them.
You need a reliable web hosting company to build a reliable blog.
Not to discourage visitors that will click on your tracking links to earn a commission.

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