How to create business account on Pinterest for free

How To Create Business Account On Pinterest To Get Blog Traffic To Affiliate Links

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Getting consistent traffic to your affiliate links is very important, the more real visitors you get to click on your affiliate links the more earnings you will make.

In this article, I will guide you on how to create a business account on Pinterest to generate traffic to your blog and get real visitors to click on your affiliate links to generate earnings.

Let’s get started!

Create a Dedicated Business Account on Pinterest For Your Blog

What is a Business Account on Pinterest?

A business account on Pinterest is a free account from Pinterest that lets you have more features,  like advanced analytics, Pinterest Ads, the opportunity to claim your websites, and other helpful resources from Pinterest.

Why Create a Business Account on Pinterest for Your Blog?

If you want to get better results to drive traffic to your blog and get real visitors to click on your affiliate tracking to get commissions from a business account on Pinterest.

 It is better to create a dedicated business account for your blog to get quick results.

It means all the pins you will be posting will be in your blog niche for example if your niche is about blogging tips all the things you will be posting on your business account will be about blogging tips.

It will not look alright to post a pin about food recipes, or your hubby on the same business account.

Your audience may not be interested in your personal plans and ideas.

It’s against Pinterest terms of use to promote your business or blog on your personal Pinterest account.

You can upgrade your personal account to a Pinterest business account if you like.

 If you have already had one before, that was the way I did,  but if you don’t want to, no problem.

If you don’t have a personal account or business account you can create a business account on Pinterest for free. 

 How to set up a Business Account on Pinterest Free For Your Blog to Get Clicks on Affiliate Links

Head over to business/create to sign up for your business account on Pinterest.

  Then fill in your information to the profile if you don’t want to use your personal information to fill the account you can use your blog information for the business account.

For the country/region, you may use where your most targeted audience will be.

 For me, I use the United States.

Choose “share ideas” then you can follow the Pinterest guide to fill up all the information required of you.

Make sure you claim your account on your business account on Pinterest.

It means you add your blog URL to your business account on Pinterest so that they will know that you are not a spammer. 

Read the guide on how to claim your business account on Pinterest that will be provided for You by Pinterest.

 And follow the step-by-step to claim your account,  it is easy to claim your account so do not fret.

Sometimes it may take a while to find your website just continue to click on the click to add it. It will later find your website and claim it, now you have your business account on Pinterest.

 How to Avoid Your Business Account on Pinterest not to be suspended

How create business account on Pinterest

Avoid Spam messaging to Other Users?

Don’t send messages to other Pinterest marketers to let you join their group board.

It’s against Pinterest guidelines, if you like to join any Pinterest marketer group board send them an email or contact them outside the Pinterest platform.

Avoid Using Follow and Unfollow Strategy

Many of us use this strategy to get followers but it’s against the Pinterest guideline to do that.

Pinterest does not care about how many followers you have, what Pinterest cares most about is how long you can make a user use their platform and stay with them.

If you can do that, Pinterest will reward you with more views, more shares, and more likes.

Make sure you focus on engagement rather than spamming for followers. 

 Avoid Pinning too many pins every day. you cannot post like 100 pins a day and hope the Pinterest algorithm will not catch you.

In the Pinterest guideline, you can only pin not more than 30 pins in a day.

Avoid Using Duplicate Pins

 Do not save the same pain on the same board several times in a month.

 Pinterest wants you to post fresh ideas for your users.

Avoid Fake  Boosting Your Business Account on Pinterest

Some people may hire people to create fake accounts to boost their organic growth.

The Pinterest bot will catch those accounts and suspend your account.

Instead of that, you can focus on pinning every day, creative story pins, engaging with your content, and replying to the comments.

Avoid Using Links Shorteners like Bitly and other link shorteners that make your links looks beautiful.

It’s against the Pinterest guideline to use them on their platform.

Pinterest cannot track where the links are heading to.

So make sure you use proper links if you want to add a link.

Avoid Using Copyright Image

Any images you want to use to pin your post on Pinterest must belong to you or they are copyright free.

It’s unethical to use copyright images for your Pinterest marketing strategies.

There are many websites where you can get free images to use like Unsplash, Pixable, Pexels, and others.

Avoid Saving Pins From Spam Accounts 

Pinterest algorithms suspend spam accounts every time.

They don’t want their users to fall for spammers on their platform, so they banned any account that spams.

So before you save a pin make sure you click on the pin and see where it will lead you to.

If the pin leads you to the wrong place rather than the place it was supposed to lead you to on the pin, then don’t save it.

Only save a pain that leads to the actual place mentioned on the pin

. Meanwhile, there are several types of pins to post on Pinterest but in this blog post, I’ll be writing about getting traffic from Pinterest to your blog to get clicks on your affiliate links.

 I will only focus on article-rich pins and regular pins. 

Article Rich Pin and How to Validate it

 Article-rich pin helps other Pinterest users to be able to read the blog post title within their feed.

 It helps affiliate bloggers to get traffic to their blog and helps them to earn commission through their affiliate links and others.

It also helps affiliate blogger to grow their blog fast because Pinterest users can click on the pin directly and it will lead them to your blog


How to Validate Article Rich Pin

If you have already claimed your business account on Pinterest, go to your blog and copy one of the blog post URL and paste it into the box in this article by following the lead.

You can also read this article on how to add metadata to your pages on your website if you have not added metadata to your pages.

 Once you are done then copy one of your blog post URL and place it on the box in the article above.

 It is easy to do so make sure you do that. Once, when you place your URL in the box it will validate it then you will see a message it will show congratulations your rich pin is approved and on Pinterest.

You only need to validate your rich pin.

Regular Pin and How to create them

The pin format enables you to display your content in simple vertical or square images.

Best pin size is 1000 x1500 px.

You can use Pin Generator software to generate your pins and post them on your business account on Pinterest.

You can join their free account at The software will allow you to generate 15 pin credits per month.

To make things easier for you make sure you watch their tutorial before you start using the software.

Another software that can help you to generate pins from your blog post is Tailwind create.

You can click on this link to take you to their website and join their free monthly plan.

The software will allow you to generate 20 pins a month for free.

To make things easier for you make sure you watch their tutorial before you start using the software.

Canva is a great tool that allows you to use its software for free and you can also join Canva pro for a month to generate as many as you like pins to post to your business account on Pinterest.

Before posting on your account create 3 boards on your account relating them to your blog niche.

For example, if you are in the cat niche you can categorize the board as this cat food, cat care,  cat tools, and so on.

Make sure all your boards’ names include keywords.

Always post pins consistently on your board to get fast results.


Creating a business account on Pinterest is a fantastic way to get traffic to your blog and get visitors to click on your affiliate links and earn commissions.

Do you want to learn step-by-step about affiliate marketing, click this link to download my E-book for free.

So follow all the steps in this blog post to create your account and post pins consistently to earn commissions.

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