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Wp Engine Review 2022: Build Remarkable Websites & Apps

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Now, if you aim in developing your own website, you’re aware that there is a lot of hosting services available.

And some of those range from fair to excellent from the start.

I have to assure you that WP Engine definitely falls on the excellent side of the best hosting company that has excellent features,

and a great reputation among enterprises, marketers, and developers.

It also has top-notch security, tons of fantastic plugins, and a seamless transition of installations from free to paid plans.

There are some warnings if you like WP Engine, but don’t worry because I’m going to go into a little bit more detail about what those features and benefits are.

Along with those warnings that I will mention,  you want your website to be safe, and your user data to be safe.

Their secure socket layer SSL and SSH certificates guarantee the security of your customer data.

And along with those SSL certificates, WP Engine also updates its firewalls and performs daily malware scans.

It uses ever cache technology that takes care of the back-end object page and database caching.

What it means for the user is that it translates into a fast delivery of static content and development tools.

WP Engine makes things easy for you, they have a one-click development area, that allows users to try their site before going live.

It has a one-click restore option to ensure that any changes won’t have a damaging effect on the rest of your website.

Omit navigation, you’ll find everything super easy to navigate here, the dashboard is very responsive and makes it easy to get things done very fast.

If you do have an existing WordPress website, the WP engine will let you move that pre-existing website with ease with a simple migration plugin.

When you’re developing a website, it’s important to have reliable and efficient support available to you.

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WP Engine definitely provides that there are a lot of articles that are available online.

If you have any questions, chances are you’ll be able to find your answer there.

But on top of that, there is support via email ticketing, live chat, or even on the phone.

The ticketing support is available 24 / 7, and you can contact phone support which is available between 9 am and 6 pm.

The live chat is available from 6 am to 8 pm central time, those experts are professional at answering any of your questions.

Make sure that you get a guide for whatever problem you have.

Wp Engine Hosting Plans

wp engine hosting plans

Now pricing. WP Engine has four hosting plans. And this is going to depend on your particular needs.

And what level of development you’re looking at getting into these plans include startup growth, scale, and custom the startup plan…

Common Questions and Answers About WP Engine Hosting

Why is Wp Engine Hosting Better Than Standard Web Hosting?

WordPress hosting services like Wp Engine have features like web hosting, they both shared a server environment.

But Wp Engine users are sharing the server only with other WordPress installs.

It means the server can change to maximize server performance.

What is Wp Engine Hosting?

Wp Engine hosting is a WordPress-dedicated web host, that provides the fastest, most reliable WordPress hosting for more than 1.5M websites.

What Does WP Engine Do?

Wp Engine is the #1 platform for WordPress that offers brands the solutions they need to build fantastic websites and apps on WordPress that improve the growth of their business.

Is Wp Engine a good host?

Wp Engine is a well-managed host that provides fantastic uptime, a cloud platform, 24/7 support service to the customers, daily backups, the greatest security, ease to use, and awesome page speed loading time.

Is Wp Engine Free?

wp engine hosting plan

Wp engine plans are not free but when you sign up for a Wp Engine plan, you get Genesis Framework and 10 Studio Press Themes for free.

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All their local tools and features for WordPress development, including local pro are now free.

Is Wp Engine Owned by WordPress Sites?

No, Jason Cohen is the founder and C T O of WP Engine, where he build and grow the company’s technology and roadmap.

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, having built four technology startups with more than $1 million in annual revenue.

Is Wp Engine Fast?

Yes, Wp Engine is fast and reliable based on the 3rd party data from HTTP Archive and Crux report, Wp Engine is among the fastest hosting company for WordPress.

Is Wp Engine Worth It?

Yes, Wp Engine is worth it, It helps you to build your business to the next level by allowing you to manage updates and security.

If you are starting your business or growing your business the Wp engine is among the best option you should consider for its great features.

Is Wp Engine shared hosting?

No, Wp engine is a managed WordPress hosting that offers plans for a variety of website and app needs.

Is Wp Engine Secure?

Yes, Wp Engine is secure, they offer a free SSL certificate in all their plan to make it easy to secure your website.

Does Wp Engine Offer Email?

The default Email functionality on Wp Engine is few.

E-mail such as password resets will not have issues sending, but it is best to use a 3rd party email host for robust email functionality, monitoring, and scalability.

Does Wp Engine Include SSL?

Yes, Wp Engine uses Server Name Sign (SNI) for SSL/TLS certificate to configure certificates and work very well with many browsers.

Does Wp Engine have a cPanel?

No,  Wp Engine does not use cPanel instead they use a proprietary control panel, the interface is easy to use, clean, and easy to understand.

Pros Of Wp Engine

Managed WordPress hosting services with speed and performance

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60 days money-back guarantee

Daily and on-demand backups

SSL and SSH certificates included in their all plans

10 premium themes

24/7 chat and phone support

Free automated migration

Cons of Wp Engine

It is more expensive compared to its competitors but you will get what you pay for.

If that webhosting is expensive for you, when you are just starting out, click here for alternative

No E-Mail hosting is available

It has a list of not-allowed plugins that you can not install on WordPress if host your website with them.

They only host WordPress

It does not offer a traditional hosting service

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