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Valuable Tip And Strategy Blog Post(How To Write One)

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This type of blog post is fast to write because your intention is to tell or give a piece of information to your reader about a particular thing you are familiar with.

You already have the knowledge of the thing and you want to share some useful information that will help your reader in an easy way.

For example, 8 writing tips to help you overcome writing anxiety in a short period, You can see that the aim of the writer is to help the readers overcome writing anxiety and become better writers.

Here’s how to write a Tip and Strategy blog post

  1. Craft eye-catching title that will attract readers
  2. Make your post skimmable, for easier reading
  3. Add valuable visual
  4. Helpful resources
  5. Write a reasonable conclusion
  6. Edit your blog post

Now, that you’ve learnt the steps to write a tip and strategy blog post let’s dig into the detail.

1. Craft Eye-Catching Title That Will Attract Readers

Craft Your title first to help you stay on your topic, make sure you include a number in your title.

For example, 21 Simple Tips To Become A Better Blogger

It informs the readers about how many tips or strategies you want to inform them about.

Add emotional trigger words that spark curiosity. like free, cheerful, amusement, delight, gladness, gigantic, easy, and simple.

Learn more emotional trigger words here

2. Write Engaging Introduction

For this type of post, your introduction should be brief, and direct to the point.

You can mention to your readers the benefit they will get if they follow your tips and strategies.

Then you can list out the tips and strategies in your introduction for your readers to grasp.

For example,

3 valuable tips to become a better teacher

Listen to your student’s complaint

Help them to overcome their challenges in learning

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Treat all students equal don’t be partial

Anyone that wants to read this information already knows what the writer wants to inform the readers.

3. Make Your Post Skimmable, For Easier Reading

Add H2 tags to each of the tips/ strategies

Apply subheading where necessary when explaining each tip/strategy

Help your reader achieve the tips/strategies

e.g. when you inform your reader about the best tips to get a loyal subscriber E- mail list.

You can mention the best E-mail company that has helped you to generate many loyal subscribers E-mail list.

4. Add Valuable Visual

tip and strategy blog post

Visual break up the text in a blog post and help the readers digest the post-fast.

It keeps the readers attention to consume the content and it triggers reades to share the content on social media.

5. Helpful Resources

Refer your readers to a tool or e-book or others for further reading, make sure it is of value to the topic.

You can also link to a related post that will help your readers to achieve their goals.

6. Write a Reasonable Conclusion

Start writing the conclusion by mentioning the topic of your blog post and summarizing the post there.

Add a call to action, you want your readers to share the blog post or leave a comment.

Like in this blog post, if you find the blog post beneficial, please share it with others.

You can learn the how to tutorial here

7. Edit Your Blog Post

Read your blog post and correct your spelling and grammar mistakes.

When writing a blog post make sure to use simple language to attract any type of reader.

The purpose of crafting a blog post is to attract readers, so make it easy for your readers by writing with simple language.

Use any type of editing tool of your choice, I use Grammarly and Hemingway app Editor.

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They are free to use but if you want you can upgrade to premium.

Click to download the 7 blog post template to help you to write 7 different blog post fast.


Writing a tip/ strategy bog post will help you to connect with your readers because you are providing them with useful information that will help them in easy way.

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