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Simple 15 Free Things to Attract Good Traffic to a Blog

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Are you having challenges getting good traffic to a blog or do you want to increase the traffic of a blog?

You are waiting for Google to send traffic to your blog because Google traffic is the best traffic for any online business.

But it takes a while for Google to start sending traffic to a new blog, and there is a lot of competition to rank your blog post on Google.

Instead of waiting for Google for a long time to send good traffic to a blog, and checking Google Analytics every time.

Why not try doing these simple things that I will discuss in this blog post to get traffic fast from Google, other search engines, and other platforms online?

When starting a blog, have it at the back of your mind that you should start promoting it. once you start publishing valuable content on it.

In this blog post, We will go through some simple free things you can do to attract good traffic to a blog.

Here are the 15 Free Simple Things to Attract Good Traffic to a Blog

1. Optimize the Blog for Search Engines

Optimizing a blog for search engines includes installing plugins, improving page loading speed, internal and external linking, and site architecture HTML code for search engines.

2. Write SEO Friendly Blogpost on the Blog

An SEO-friendly blog post is a process of writing engaging, informative, entertaining blog posts that will be useful to the readers, and following the guideline of search engine rules.

In order to get your blog post visible in the organic search.

Click to get the details of how to write an SEO-friendly blog post

3. Use keywords in Your Title Tag, Headers & Body, URL, and Meta Description

Put the keyword in the first 60 characters of the title of the blog post.

That is where Google cuts the title off on the SERP.

It is good to put the keyword at the beginning of the title in case you write a long title for the blog post.

Mention the keyword in a natural reader-friendly way in the header, and body of the blog post.

The URL of a blog post is what the search engine crawls first on a page, as every post lives on its URL.

So make sure to put the keyword in the URL.

The meta description of a blog post is meant to inform search engines and the readers’ information about the blog post.

Add the keyword to the meta description, so that both the search engines, and the readers understand what the blog post is all about.

4. Use Words like Free, Best, How to, Alternative, High, Top, and Case Study in Your Title

Using words like free, best, how to, alternative, high,  top, numbers like 3, 7 11, and so on, and case study in your title increase the chances of a clickable blog post.

When I checked Google console I saw that I was having a very high impression but too low clicks.

So I was looking for a way to increase the clicks, I checked so many things I knew, and did research on how to increase blog post clicks.

From my research, I discovered that the title of the blog post determines the number of clicks that blog post will get.

And the type of words to add to a title to trigger people to click on the blog post, because that is what people see first, to determine whether to click or not to click the blog post.

So I started using those words in my title, and I noticed an increase in my clicks on the search console.

If you have not been using them in your title, start adding those words and put numbers in your title to increase the number of clicks on a blog post. 

5. Hangout where your Audiences are

Hanging out where your audience is, helps you to know what types of content you should produce for your audience.

What types of problems are they facing that you can provide solutions to the problem?

And you can refer them to your blog to read about the solution without tricking them. 

6. Publish High-quality Blog Post Consistently on the Blog

I know producing a high-quality blog post consistently takes a lot of time and energy.

But you have to think of your blog as your business that you want to make a profit from.

The more you produce a high-quality blog post for your readers, the more traffic your blog generates.

According to Neil Patel fresh content is a proven way to drive traffic to your website/blog.

So discipline yourself to write quality blog posts for your audience, since your readers are giving you their valuable time to read your content.

7. Connect the Blog with Google Search Console, and Check the Performance

Google Search Console is a Google web service, which allows webmasters to check indexing status, search queries, crawl errors, and their visibility optimization of the website.

It is providing tools and insights that help website/ blog owners to improve their visibility in the SERPs.

Go to Google Search Console from the Google search bar, click on it, it will take you to Google Search Console, follow the guideline to add your website/blog URL.

Make sure you copy the correct URL of your website/blog and add it.

A message will be sent to your email that you have successfully connected your website/blog to Google Search Console.

Connect your blog with Google Analytic, Google Analytics can be a little overwhelming to beginners. That is why it is recommended to connect a plugin to Google Analytics to get an easy understanding report.

Install Google Site Kit, (it is free) on your blog/website to get the break down report of your blog performance.

From there you can always check the performance of your website/blog from your dashboard.

8. Share the Blog Posts on Social Media, and other Online Platforms

After you have published your blog post on your blog, share the URL of the blog post to the social media you use.

Medium websites, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, and Slideshare are my favorite websites to share my blog posts to attract good traffic to a blog post.

Read my blog post on how to use Pinterest to attract traffic

And get traffic from the Medium website. 

9. Put Free Valuable things, like Ebooks, Tools, and Courses on the Blog 

Everyone likes free things, but if you want to put free things on your blog for your readers, make sure to put valuable things that will be helpful to your readers.

Don’t think because it is free, you should add anything to your blog, no don’t do that, remember they are your potential customers.

So attract your readers with valuable things that will be beneficial to your readers.

If you don’t know how to make them, you can recommend useful ebooks, tools, or courses you’ve taken that have helped you in your business to your readers.

Here is a guide on how to make a beautiful ebook to grow your business

10. Put Subscribing Plugin on the Blog

Subscribing plugin helps your visitors to subscribe to your blog and receive an alert anytime you publish a new blog post on your blog.

Not every visitor wants to subscribe to an email list, so installing the subscribing plugin on your blog lets your readers know you have published a new blog post that they can read on your blog.

I use the OneSignal plugin- Web Push Notifications to get subscribers to my blog, you can use the free version for a start.

11. Design valuable Infographics, and place them in Blog Post

Infographics are good ways to attract good traffic to a blog.

There are many free and paid infographics makers online that you can use to design the infographic

Visme, Canva, Piktochart, Snappa, Infogram, Freepik, Venngage, Adobe creative cloud Express, and

Most of these tools have videos and text tutorials on how to use them.

You can submit the infographics to infographics submission sites to promote your infographics and attract good visitors to the blog.

These are some websites you can submit to for free

Cool Infographics

Infographics Bee

Infographic Journal

Infographic Reviews

12.Install the Social Share plugin on the Blog

Social Share plugins help you to set social media icons for your audience to share your blog posts to their network.

This helps you to create awareness for your blog and branding in your business.

I used the Sassy Social Share Plugin on my blog, it is free and great to use.

After installing the sassy social share plugin a message will be displayed in your WordPress dashboard.

Click on configure the plugin, it will lead you to their support page, where you will learn how to configure the sassy social share plugin.

13. Install Image Share Plugin on the Blog

The Image share plugin allows your visitors, to share your image on social networks.

I used the Share this Image Plugin on my blog, it is free to start with.

14. Set Valuable Quizzes on the Blog

Quizzes are a great way to attract good traffic to the blog.

They can help you to make a reader stay longer on your blog.

Quizzes generate more social shares than simple articles.

And they make visitors return to your blog.

Quiz cat is a good free plugin to start with.

15. Plan a Schedule for the Blog 

When you have a blog business to attract good visitors to it, you need to have a schedule for the blog.

You have so many things to do to make the blog successful.

In order not to be overwhelmed by the blog, it is better to schedule what to do every day on your blog.


Attracting good traffic to a blog is important, if you want your blogging business to be successful online.

Following all those simple things that was discussed in this blog post will help you to attract good visitors to a blog without waiting for a long time.

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