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Awesome Review Blog Post(How to write One as an Affiliate)

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Writing a review blog post takes a while to write because you have to be familiar with the product or service before you will start writing your opinion about the product or service.

It is better to write the review based on your observation than relying on peoples review because Brands this days use a lot of tricks to get good reviews from their customers.

So to make the review blog post to be easier to write, you can follow the steps in this post.

Here’s how to write a Review blog post

  1. Grab the product or service

2. Get yourself to be familiar with the product or service

3. List out what you observe when using the product or service

4. Apply for the product or service affiliate program

5. Write an attractive title for the review blog post

6. Write an interesting introduction

7. Explain how to use the product or service

8. State the feature, pricing of the product or service

9. Write the conclusion

10. Edit the review blog post

With the steps above you can write a detail review blog post without getting overwhelm.

Let’s get started with the details

Grab The Product or Service

Before you can write a review blog post, you have to grab the product or service you wish you want to write about.

The product or service can be physical or digital, you may need to visit a place in person or make a phone call, or send an E-Mail to get access to the product or service.

If it’s a digital product it is easier to grab them, you may join their free plan or the free trial.

You should check if they have money payback guaranteed so that you can direct your readers to the product.

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If it is a physical product then you have to buy the product or write to the manufacturer that you are a content creator, an affiliate marketer and you want to write a review about their product or service.

Get Yourself to be Familiar with the Product or Service

After getting the product or service, spend some time using it, if the product has a tutorial to guide you on how to use it.

Make sure to take your time and watch or read it before using the product.

Also if you have any difficulty while using the product you can seek for help from their help support.

They are there to help, so don’t be quick to judge.

Make sure to get yourself familiar with various aspects of the product or service.

List Out What You Observe When Using The Product

As you are using the product or service, make sure to write down what you observe about the product or service while you are using it.

Jot down any good or bad issues come you across while using the product or service.

Apply for the Product or Service Affiliate Program

Join the affiliate program of the product or service and fill out all the necessary details of the form that is available to you to get approval of the program.

You can read this blog post to help you with easy approval of affiliate programs

After you get the approval then you should copy the affiliate tracking link and save it.

Write an Attractive Title for the Review Blog Post

Write the name of the product or service in your title and add emotional words to it.

For example: Hostinger Review 2022: Great Host for a Lower cost

Craft an Interesting Introduction

Introduce the product and service you want to write about to your audience and let them know that you have use it and investigate about the product or service.

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Write brief usefulness of the product and services and how it can help them in their business or daily life.

Explain How To Use The Product or Service

review blog post

Since you are familiar with the product or service, it will be easier for you to explain how to use it.

You can screenshot some of the process to make it easier to understand.

You can use snipping tool to take the screenshot or you can take the image if you like.

State the Features, Pricing Of the Product or Service

Spell out the features of the product or service and their uses.

State out their pricing and if the product has a free trail or free plan add a call to action button and add the affiliate link.

Then direct your readers to click on it, for them to try it out.

You can use chart like table or others to explain the features and the pricing of the product or service.

The details of the product or service can be as follows:

  • What is the product or service use for?
  • The usefulness of using the product or service
  • Who are the product or service for?

Add the affiliate link on the name of the product or service may it few.

You can add call to action button to some places in the post and add the affiliate link, then you can refer your readers to try the free plan or free trail if the product has one.

If the product doesn’t have those facilities assure them that the product have payback money guarantee if they are not please with it.

Write Your Conclusion

Start your conclusion by mention what you feel about the product or service to your readers.

If you feel there is alternative that is better than the product with that price you can refer your readers to it to try it out.

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But be honest with your review and advice.

Edit The Review Blog Post

After you have finished the write up of the review blog post, take a break for sometime.

And then go back to the blog post and read it aloud to correct any mistakes you notice.

You can also use online Editing tool like Grammaly and Hemingway editing app.

Make sure you use simple language throughout the post for easy reading.

Click to download the free 7 blog post template to help you to write 7 different blog post fast.


Writing a review blog post can be rewarding if you write it with honesty.

You should not be bias and write what you observe about the service to help your reader decide well.

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