How to Write a Powerful listicle in 7 Simple Steps

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Listicles’ articles are fun to read and easy to digest.

We all love skimmable articles, they are eye-catching and not overwhelming to the readers.

If you are a blogger and you are having writing anxiety write listicles they are easy to write.

With the steps in this article on how to write listicles articles in simple ways, you will be able to overcome any writing anxiety and create your audience with great and quality content that will attract visitors to your website and make them send more visitors to your site.

Are you an affiliate marketer and want to promote different products at the same time and attract lots of commission then write a list post article to promote your article

It is well known that listicles articles work very well for affiliate marketers to attract consumers to consume the article and click the affiliate tracking links which may lead to a sale and earn youcommission.

What Is A List Based Article ( Listicles )?

A listicle is a list format article that explains, educates, informs, and delights the readers.

It can be a tip list format article that educates the readers about an item.

For example 17 tips for writing a blog post that attracts 10,000 visitors to your post.

It can be a post about different items or products, informing the readers about each item or product.

Each list item will explain the items in a few sentences or explain the items in a long full paragraph which includes pictures relating to the items.

For example 19 best E- Mail software of 2022.

How Do You Write Listicles? You Can Write A Powerful List Article In 7 Simple Steps


1. Write a catchy Title for Your Article

Crafting a good title for your article will be the next thing to do after searching for the keyword you want to write about.

You can use SEMrush tool magic to search for keywords that will attract traffic to your website


Once you know the keyword you want to write about then start crafting a good SEO title for your listicle.

A good tool to use is Coshudle Headline Analyzer, it will analyze your title for you by stating the mark you have scored for you.

Or you can download the Insight Monster plugin on your website, anytime you write your article title it will rate according to the way it will engage readers and tell you the score.

2. Write A listicle Introduction

Let your reader know that you know the content that you want them to read about.

So write an introductory list post that is compatible with the topic you want to write about by informing them about the items or products and other useful information to expect that will help the readers in the article.

For example, you want to write about 11 tips to avoid indigestion.

Let your reader know that you understand what many people go through with indigestion and you want to provide them with the solution to stop the problem in easy steps.

3. Write Out The List Point

Writing Out the list of points you want to write about will help you to arrange the point in an orderly manner that your reader will find attractive to enjoy their reading to consume the whole article.

Remember the longer time a visitor stays on your website to read your article to upgrade your Search Engine Optimization score.

4. Plan Your Images or Tables, Charts, and Screenshots to Illustrate your Point

Planning the images that you will use to illustrate your listicle is important when writing your list post.

It helps the reader grab the information fast than only using only text posts.

It will help you to use related images to the listicle than adding irrelevant images to illustrate your point.

There are various tools you can use to create your images among the are Canva and Adobe express they are easy to use and you don’t need to have any design skills to use them, they are very friendly to use.

There is a tool to take any screenshot of your choice on Windows or Max, if you don’t know how to use them go to the YouTube channel and type in how to take screenshots, many videos will show up to choose from, but make sure to choose the latest video about the tutorial.

5. Add Useful Resources And Explain Your Point

To make your listicle attract more visitors to read and share your list post, make sure you add useful resources such as links to a useful website, a course, an E-Book, a template, and so on but make sure it is compatible with what you write in your article.

That useful resources will help your reader further read or solve a particular problem for them.

6.Add Call To Action For You Readers To Understand What To Do

It is important to add a call to action in your listicle for your reader to understand what to do, don’t assume that your reader will understand what you expect of them.

For example, if you want them to download an e-book or template in your listicle put a call to action button and write the action you want them to do like click here to download for free.

This explains the action you want the readers to take and it will help both you and your reader to achieve their aim.

Rather than putting the link and expecting the readers to know what to do.

7. Use Editing Tools To Edit Your Listicle

Make sure after you’ve written your list post, you edit it.

There are various tools to use to edit your list post, the ones I used are Grammarly and Hemingway.

You can try them they are free to use and if you like you can upgrade to premium but their free version is okay too.

Click to download the 7 blog post template to help you to write 7 different blog fast.

Make sure to use simple English when drafting your list post, no one will be looking for a dictionary to understand what you have written,

Make sure you write between grades 6 and 7 to attract more visitors to the blog list post you have written.

Hemingway tool will help with that copy your article and paste it there it will highlight where the problems are and you can correct them to get a good readable grade.

What are examples of Listicles?

Examples of listicles are:

18 Best Affiliate Programs To Promote With Easy Approval

13 Top Common Affiliate Marketer Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

Affiliate Marketing Blog: 9 Remarkable Reasons To Start Your Affiliate Blog Now


Now following the steps in the article will help you to write a listicle without having blogging legs.

I explain them in easy steps to start writing without getting overwhelmed

Do you want to learn about affiliate marketing without frustrated then click on the button below to download a free E-Book without signing up for anything.

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