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How to Create a Beautiful EBook and Add Affiliate Links

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Do you want to create a beautiful ebook with flipping book, but you are not sure of how to get started?

Creating an ebook for your business helps it grow fast, if you have not been creating ebooks for your business to make it grow fast, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to grow your business fast with ebooks without breaking a bank.

I have created this blog post on how to create a beautiful ebook with flipping book to help you create eBooks for your business in an easy way.

Ebooks/Flip books can help you improve in the growth of your business, whether it is Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Online marketing, Educational Tutorial, and many others.

Don’t underestimate the power of an ebook to grow your business fast.

What is an EBook with Flipping Book?

An e-book is a digital version of a book that can be read on a computer, tablet, smartphone, E-Readers, etc

. E-books are often cheaper than their physical counterparts, allowing readers to take notes while reading.

While Flipbook is an interactive book publication that has the look and page-turning.

Why do you Need to Create a Beautiful EBook with Flipping Book for your Affiliate Business?

  • To attract audiences, and gain followers

When you produce a quality problem-solving Ebook and get people to read it.

If the ebook helps them to solve their problem, or was useful to them, people would like to know more about the author and you earn followers like that.

  • To generate leads

The best way to generate leads is to exchange books to get emails from your followers. 

To earn an affiliate commission 

You can earn affiliate commission from affiliate products or services that you recommend in the ebook when people buy through the affiliate tracking links you added in the ebook.

  • To attract traffic to your affiliate links on your blog or landing page

You can send people to download the ebook on your blog or landing page, which may help you to gain more traffic to your blog/website or landing page.

  • Get the Affiliate Links from the Vendor to add while creating  the eBook

If you are a beginner in the affiliate marketing business not all affiliate programs or affiliate networks will give you the approval to promote their products or services.

I have selected 20 affiliate programs that beginners can promote from anywhere in the world.

Click the link and join any affiliate program of your choice in the list, and get your affiliate links to add to the ebook.

How to write an eBook and Add Affiliate Links

how to write ebook
  • Look for Search Intent or User Intent

Search intent or user intent is the term users used to describe what users are looking for online.

Anyone looking for something online is hoping to get something or answers.

It will depend on the type of product or service you want to recommend in your ebook.

For example, if you want to recommend an email company in your ebook, then go and look for where people that will be using e-mail are, and see what people are discussing about email marketing.

You can target beginners and see their common questions about email marketing.

Quora, Reddict, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is a good place to check.

Then you can create a solution to the problem and recommend the name of the email company you are promoting.

If they have a video of how to use their product or service you can include it in your ebook.

You can use Keyword tools like SEMrush, KWFinder, SE Ranking, and Serpstat to do research.

If you don’t know how to use them go to their blog or watch their Demo video for a guide on how to use them to do search intent research.

To get their best you can join their free trial.

  • What is the length of the eBook?

Determine the length of the ebook you want to create, whether it will be 15 to 20 pages or more to guide you to create a beautiful ebook.

There is no ideal length of ebook, as long as it covers the topic you are writing about,

You don’t need to worry yourself that it is too short or too long.

  • Start writing Your eBook

You can use Google Docs, Word, or other platforms to start writing your ebook.

Make sure you have done a lot of research and gather evidence of what you want to write about to make your ebook unique and people will love to share it.

You can use writing assistance tools like Frase, and Rytr to help you write faster.

But make sure to read and edit the output to your style.

  • Add the Affiliate Links in the EBook

Add the affiliate links where you recommend the products or services in the ebook.

Highlight where you want to add the affiliate link and insert the link.

If you like you can bold and colour the place where you will insert the affiliate link

Make sure to add an affiliate link disclaimer in the ebook, it can be at the beginner or at the end of the ebook.

How to Structure an EBook

  • Write an attractive Title
  • Write an Introduction
  • Create a reasonable outline
  • Add visuals like pictures, infographics, charts, screenshots, and others.
  • Read through the ebook, and edit where necessary, to make the ebook look beautiful.
  • Highlight key phrases, and points and bold them
  • Write short, simple-to-read sentences
  • Use statistics and large font quotes to support the topic
  • Add the same font  combination to the headings, and subheadings
  • If you have a logo add it to the cover of the ebook
  • If you offer free tools, courses, or other free valuable add them to the ebook
  • Add a table of content to the ebook for easy reading

Choose an easy to use eBook Maker Tools to Design the Ebook

There are various ebook makers to use to design your ebook, and make it look attractive for the readers.

Among the best ebook creator are:

  • Visme
  • Issuu

I will be using in this post to explain how to design an ebook in an easy way.

Why I chose is because of the ease of use, the table of contents can take you to where you want to read in the ebook.

 Easy to add numbers, you can change something in the book once, it can apply the changes automatically through the ebook.

You can create ebook with flipping book feature without stress in

Their price is affordable compared to others as there is a lifetime deal of $27 for now.

If you want, you can get it by clicking the link lifetime deal of $27.

When you get the lifetime deal you can create as many as ebooks/flipp books you want for life time. has a lot of features to make your ebook look beautiful, you can read this blog post to know more of features.


What is Ebook maker ? is a powerful ebook maker, and content repurposing tool.

Is Designrr legitimate?

Yes Designrr is legitimate, I use it to make my ebooks, so it is valid.

How can I use Designrr for free?

You can use Designrr for free by joining their free trial period of 7 days

Is Designrr Pro worth it?

Yes Designrr pro worth it, because of the amazing features it will offer you and the assistance you will get when you are on the pro plan.

How to Create a Beautiful Ebook with Flipping book with

You can watch the video below to learn more about ebook creation with

  • Name your project that is the ebook you want to create
name project
  • Choose a project type
choose a project

You can import from Google Doc, Word, PDF. FaceBook, Blog Post, or you can start from a blank project.

  • Preview and choose an Ebook Template
choose a template
  • Tweak your Design

Click next again to go to the Designrr builder

tweak design

Edit the header and footer to your choice, you can remove or replace images and add Author name to the cover.

Use the drag and drop interface to rearrange elements and save changes via menu buttons at the left buttons left of the builder.

Get your affiliate links, and insert them where necessary, make sure to bold and colour them.

  • Export your Ebook when you’re done

Export the ebook in the format you’ve selected.

It can be in PDF, Flip book, you can get the code to place on your website or landing page, or others.

How to Get the Most out of

  • has a built in autosave, which automatically save your work to your browser
  • save the version history of your work which you can go back to if you mess your project up.
  • Go to the dashboard, and check out the project menu where it says restore.
  • You can use the setting in the left sidebar menu to get business tools like social media sharing buttons, and make a call to action.
  • Another fantastic feature of is that you can generate a 3D cover to use to promote the ebook from the dashboard view.
cover page

So what are you waiting for, start creating your ebook with today!

After you create a beautiful Ebook with Flipping book,

Here are Some places to promote your E-book with Flipping book

  • Promote the ebook on blog/website using popups, sidebar widgets etc.

You don’t have one, quickly create one now following the guide in the article by clicking the link.

It is easy to set up, by following the guide in the article, maybe within 1 hour, you already have your blog running.

  • Promote the ebook through Email marketing

You don’t have one. Join from the best email platform to start. GetResponse, GMass, Debounce, Active campaign they are free to start with, and they can guide you on how to start.

  • Promote it through your blog article

It is free to create, why not start, and you can create an account on others social media platform and join the discussion, and promote your ebook.

  • Promote it on websites like SlideShare, Medium, Tumblr, Scoop it, Stumble Upon, and others platforms.

Disclosure: Some of the external links in this post are ‘’ affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and take action, or buy the item, I will receive an affiliate commission directly from the vendor, but there will be no additional charge to you.

Thank you for the support!

Conclusion: How to Create a Beautiful Ebook with Flipping book 

Start creating your own ebook for your business today, to get instant growth by following the steps in the article.

I hope this article helped you to learn how to create a beautiful ebook with Flipping book in a simple way.

Please if you find the blog post useful, leave a comment below, and share it with others.

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