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11 Best Tips For High Ticket Affiliate Marketing To Earn With Fewer Sales

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As an affiliate marketer, the best practice for high ticket affiliate marketing is to look for products that are high quality, high in demand, and have a high commission with a low threshold payout.

So that you can earn a high commission in return for promoting them.

Here are 11 tips to guide you in finding the best high ticket affiliate marketing products to promote and earn high commissions with fewer sales.

(1) Find The Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing products in the Market, and in Demand

Affiliate marketing products are not produced equally,  there are thousands of products in the market for affiliate marketers to promote.

But we want to promote products that have high quality and are in demand.

How you can find the high ticket affiliate marketing program by typing in the name of the product you want to promote + the high ticket affiliate program in the search engine bar that you use.

For example, if you want to promote baby food, you can just go to the Google search bar and type in Baby Food + High Ticket Affiliate Programs.

Or if you belong to any online platform like Quora you can ask for the best high ticket affiliate programs for the product you like to promote.

A lot of options will be produced for you to choose from.

These are some of the best affiliate networks. ShareASale, app.getreditus, Appsumo that will provide you with high ticket affiliate marketing products to promote.

Or you can check my best affiliate program with high commission to earn.  

(2) Conduct A Research About The Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing in Demand

Now you have the best high ticket affiliate marketing program at hand, the next thing for you to do is to conduct research about the product.

You will like to learn their commission rate,  cookie duration, payout, and how to apply for it to get approval.

This guide will help you to get quick affiliate program approval

What I normally do is I will go to Youtube and see what people are saying about the product.

Then you can apply for the product to get approval. Make sure not to lie when you are applying for any affiliate program, just be truthful.

If you are just starting out and you don’t have enough audience yet, just let them know that you are just starting out but you are very serious about promoting their product, and let them know various ways you want to use to promote the product.

And you will get approval, and if you get denied you can ask the reason why and you can work on that to reapply.

Tips: Don’t write that you will use ADs to promote their product, many merchants don’t want you to compete with them by bidding on the same keywords.

(3) Use The High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Product Before Promoting it

Now time for you to get yourself familiarized with the product, and know how it works before you can recommend it to your audience.

This is important because you don’t want to lose the trust of your audience, don’t just rely on people’s reviews.

Many companies do a lot of things to get people’s positive reviews these days, so to be on the safer side it is better to use the product and know about what you are recommending.

(4) Use a Keyword Tool to Look for Keywords with Low difficulty and High Search Volume

It is a wise decision to know what people are typing to look for the product you want to promote before you start creating content about the product.

You don’t want to create content that no one will find.

Depending on the platform you use to promote the product, here are some keyword tools that can help you to search for low-keyword and high-search volume keywords to use in your content. KWFinder, SERanking, Serpstat, KeywordEverywhere.

TubeBuddy is for the YouTuber Creator.

Or you can read this article to choose from the list of keywords you prefer.

(5) Create a Useful Content for Specific Targeting Audiences

” Don’t find customers for your products, Find products for your customers”

Plan and create attention-seeking content that will target specific audiences that need your product.

For example, if you are promoting baby food, you know you are targeting people with babies, so create your content with people with babies in mind like pregnant women, nursing mothers, creches, and so on.

You need to create content that will convince those people to buy and persuade them to buy through your affiliate links.

(6) State the Free Bonus on the Affiliate Product

Don’t lie to people just to click your affiliate links, make sure whatever bonuses you are promising are real.

It may be a bonus from you like if they buy from your affiliate link, you will provide them with an ebook about something related to what your audience will like.

Or If they buy so much they will get a discount for whatever is promised.

Just look for something that can persuade them to click on your affiliate links that are real and mention them.

(7) Be Honest with Your Audience by Providing Them with Pros and Cons of the Product

One of the biggest disadvantages of affiliate marketing is the refund when you are happy that you have made a sale and the next thing you see is that the buyer is asking for a refund.

It is always sad to see that one of the best strategies to minimize refund rates is to let your audience know the pros and the cons of the product before buying.

(8) Promote the Content in Various ways or on Platforms

“Affiliate marketing is about proving value not spamming your link at them”

Do not spam, promote your affiliate content to people that need it, in a useful way not by spamming people.

After creating your content, always promote them in useful ways not to irritate your audience.

If you are able to target audiences that are in need of it, they will buy from you.

(9) Be Persistence

” Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in

To earn money from high ticket affiliate marketing products, you must be ready to be persistent, because there is high competition for anything that pays well online.

It can be tough at the beginning but when you persist, you will be successful.

(10) Use Tracking Links to Track the Progress

There is various software out there that you can use to track your performance and know how to strategies for more affiliate commissions, you can use thirsty affiliate or any software you are comfortable with.

This guide can help you with the best tracking software of your choice

(11) Be Patience

“Affiliate Marketing is not push button. It takes focus and commitment and a certain choreography to make it happen the way you want it to.”

If you can be patient promoting high ticket affiliate marketing products can be rewarding

Because you can make a lot of money with fewer sales.

Yes, it can be tough especially if you are a beginner, but you should remember that people making thousands of dollars now scale through with patience and strategies.


It is better to go for high ticket affiliate marketing than targeting small-ticket affiliate marketing because both need strategies to promote them.

So if you have all it takes to get approval for high ticket affiliate marketing programs go for them and see how you will earn a lot of money with fewer sales.


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