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Engaging “How-To Blog Post”: How To Write One

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The purpose of writing A “ How- To Blog Post “ is to educate your audience.

And this type of blog post can help you to get traffic to your blog.

If you want more traffic to your blog, then learn the steps to write a” How- to blog post” with the following steps:

1. Brainstorm what your readers will find helpful

2. Craft a catchy title for the ” How-to blog post”

3. Outline what the post is about

4. Write engaging introduction

5. Explain the outline of the how-to blog post in a skimmable way

6. Add valuable items that will help your readers on the topic

7. Edit and format the blog post

8. Conclude the post

What is A “How -To Blog Post “

The how-to blog post is to educate the readers on how to do something in easy step-by-step ways.

The aim of the how-to blog post is to help the readers digest and learn things in an easy way.

The how-to blog post should be easier to write because it is a tutorial about what you know and wants to teach your reader in easy steps.

Why You Should Write “How-To Blog Post “

Every blogger should write how-to blog posts on their blog because it helps to generate traffic to their blog.

People like to learn things in simple ways.

As a blogger when you understand the difficulty of your audience and you try to provide solutions to that in an easy way.

It helps you to build more relationships with your readers that you understand their pains and you want to provide them with a solution from your experience.

Now! Let’s learn how to write one in 8 easy steps

1. Brainstorm What Your Readers Will Find Helpful

This depends on the type of readers you have or, what type of readers you are aiming for to read your blog post.

For example, if you always write about blogging, it will be useful to your readers to write about how to start a profitable blogging business in 11 steps.

Make sure your topic is close to your niche or what you write about in your blog, it will be odd to write about how to prepare baby food that babies will enjoy to finish.

When you are blogging about digital marketing.

So don’t confuse your readers make sure to choose a related topic to educate your readers.

Joining a platform within your niche will help you to know what kind of questions are people asking.

You can also use keyword tools like Google Trends, keyword sheeter, and Answer the public to check what are people’s questions.

2. Craft a Catchy Title For The How-To blog Post

Writing your title will help you to stay on your topic, not divert from your topic,

Coschedule Headline Analyzer can help you to craft a good SEO title for your post.

I use Monster Insight Plugin on my WordPress blog to help me rank my title.

You can also use it, if you are on WordPress, it has a free version that will be okay for you, and if you like you can upgrade for more benefits.

A catching title should attract the readers in one glance like

How to design a beautiful e-book that will grow your Email- List in a few minutes

How to bake a delicious cake without the fear of huge calories.

Let your readers grab what you want to teach them at one glance.

Or if you want to make your title SEO-friendly by inserting your keyword at the begging of your title.

You can write it like this ” Beautiful E-Book: How to design one that grows E- mail List in a Few Minute.”

“ Delicious Cake: How to bake one without the fear of huge calories”

3. Outline What the Post About

Outlining your blog post makes it simpler to write, Imagining yourself looking at the blank white paper or a computer screen thinking about what to write and how to explain the process to your readers.

Sometimes this type of process makes you to be overwhelming before you write anything.

That is why it is good to have your outline before writing in full detail.

It will help you to stay focused and write in a step-by-step process without swaying away from the topic.

You can enter your topic into Google space and see what other questions are people asking about the topic and you can frame your outline from there.

Try it out it will make your work simpler.

4. Write Engaging Introduction

write introduction on how-to blog post

Your introduction should be brief don’t keep your reader waiting too long.

They are eager to learn from the post, write what you what to teach your reader

How do you aim to help them solve the problem and what to gain after reading your blog post?

If you like you can list out the process that is,  your steps to teach the topic in bullet form.

For example: how to grow hibiscus flower

1. Choose a type of hibiscus to plant

2. Decide how you are going to plant it

3. Know when to plant.

4. Choose the perfect location.

5. Amend the soil

6. Dig your holes

7. Plant your hibiscus

8. Water your hibiscus

9. Manage any pests

5. Explain The Outline OF The How-To Blog Post In a Skimmable way

It is good that you write out your outline, it will be easier to follow the process and explain each step to your readers.

Make sure to use images or screenshots to analyze your point, it will help your readers to digest the point with a clear mind without getting confused about what you want them to understand.

6. Add valuable Items That Will Help Your Readers On The Topic

Valuable items like templates, e-books, infographics, Courses, Tools, Platforms, and others.

Can be helpful to your reader and make them want to return to your blog to read more of your post since they know they will get valuable information from it.

Include valuable reference links to influencers and link them to a good valuable blog post that has helped you before in your achievement.

7. Edit and Format Your Blog Post

Proofread your blog to be mistake-free and use the proper heading where necessary for easy reading.

I use Grammarly and Hemingway Editor software to revise my post.

You can check them out.

Click to download the free 7 blog post template to help you write 7 different blog post fast.

8. Conclusion

Start your conclusion with the topic of your blog post, using your introductory paragraph as a guide.

Restate the most relevant information you want your readers to learn from your post and add a call to action to close it.

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