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16 Best Plugins For Affiliates to Make Their Blog Delightful [Free]

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Plugins are software that enhances the features of the WordPress Website function.

They make it easy to use your website with or without having knowledge of codes.

When you install them on your website, the website become easier to use.

But make sure you install the necessary ones.

The recommendation is that you should install less than 20 plugins on your website.

If there are many plugins on your site, it will slow the speed of your site.

To avoid this I have selected some of the best plugins that will enhance the functionality of your blog.

Let’s get started:

1. A3 Lazy Load WordPress Plugin

It speeds up your blog and enhances frontend users’ visual experience on PCs, Tablets, and mobile with a3 lazy load.

A3rev software develops it.

2. Cloudflare WordPress Plugin

Cloudflare speeds up and protects your WordPress blog from hackers.

It’s created by Cloudflare, inc.

3. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg (Spectra) WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugin

The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg now name Spectra extends the Gutenberg functionality with several unique and feature-rich blocks.

Which includes a table of content, social share, bullet list icons, an advanced heading setting, and others that helps build a website faster.

Brainstorm Force develops it.

4. Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin

It’s a lightweight plugin without any setup to make your site SSL proof

5. Insert Header and Footer WordPress plugin

This plugin allows you to insert code or text in the header or footer of your WordPress.

WP Beginner develops it.

6. Updraft Plus- Backup/Restore WordPress Plugin

It takes backups, or backups to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, (s) FTP, WebDAV, and email on automatic schedules.

Updraftplus.com, Dauld Anderson develop it.

7. Wordfence security WordPress Plugin

It provides adequate security to WordPress blogs or Website.

I like this plugin because it always provides me with details security reports of my blog.

It always sends me the IP address and the country of hackers trying to login into my blog.

It scans the WordPress blog with anti-virus, firewall, and malware.

Wordfence develops it.

8. Wp- Optimize WordPress Plugin

It cleans, compresses, and caches.

It makes your blog fast and efficient.

It cleans the database, compresses images, and caches pages.

Dauld Anderson, Ruhani Rabin, and Team Updraft create it.

9. WPS Hide Login WordPress Plugin

It protects your website by changing the login URL and preventing access to the wp-login-PHP page and wp-admin directory while not logged in.

It is important to have this on your blog, It’s will protect your blog from hackers.

When I just launched my blog and I have not use the Plugin to protect my site, I have to always change my password anytime I want to login to my site.

But since I used the plugin to protect my login, it’s has stooped, I can login with ease.

These three WordPress plugins below do the same work, so you can only choose one out of the three plugins.

10. Thirsty Affiliate WordPress Plugin

The Thirsty Affiliate Lite is the free version.

It is a revolution in affiliate link management.

It collects, collates, and stores your affiliate links for use in your posts and pages.

11. Easy Affiliate Links WordPress Plugins

It helps you to manage all the affiliate links on your blog.

It cloaks both pretty links and regular non- cloaked links.

It is the work of  Bootstrapped Ventures.

12. Pretty links WordPress Plugin

This plugin helps you shrink, beautify, track, manage and share any URL on your WordPress website.

You can create links of your choice using your domain name.

It is open-source software.

The contributors to the plugins include Blaire Williams and Cart Pauj.

You need to choose one out of the SEO plugins below

13. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

It helps you to rank your WordPress blog in search engines and build a faster, strongest blog.

Yoast SEO is open-source software.

The contributor is Yoast, Joost de Valk, and Omar Reiss.

14. Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin

It is a revolution SEO product that combines the features of many SEO tools and lets you multiply your traffic in the easiest way possible.

Rank Math develops the plugin.

15. AIOSEO WordPress Plugin

All in One SEO is easy to use and sets up the proper SEO foundation in less than 10 minutes.

16. Monster Insights WordPress Analytics Plugin


It is among the best Google WordPress analytics plugins.

It helps you to track your site visitor without coding.

It gives you a report about your visitor’s country, gender, device, and more.



JPEG, PNG, and WebP Compression.

TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your image without changing the originality of the image.


As a blogger earning money through affiliate marketing,

You need to keep your blog fast, backup, secured and beautiful to attract visitors to click on your affiliate tracking links.

Installing the WordPress plugin explained in this article will help you achieve a good result.

I will appreciate your awesome comment and please share with others.

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