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12 Best AI Copywriting Software To Create Compelling Content in Minutes(2023)

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If you’ve been following the world of content marketing, you know that creating and distributing content is a big part of today’s marketing landscape.

As content marketing continues to gain traction as a strategy that yields measurable results.

Businesses are looking for more and more ways to produce quality content within a limited time.

 The best AI content creation tools can help you make your next piece of content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. 

With so many options available, choosing the right AI tool for your needs can be tough.

We have compiled a list of some of the best artificial intelligence copywriting software tools that can help simplify your life and allow you to create engaging, relevant content with minimal effort.

 If you’re looking for an AI tool that can assist with everything from generating ideas to final proofreading before publication, read on for details about these great options.

What Are The Best AI Copywriting Software Tools?

Here is a list of the best AI copywriting software tools to help you grow your business fast.

We will write an overview of each one, stating who it is best for, their key features,  limitations, and pricing.

Choosing the best AI copywriting software tool depends on you, your needs, and your budget.

My aim is that this Al copywriting software tools blog post helps you!

1. Writecream AI Free 40, 000 characters every month

Writecream AI is a copywriting software tool that helps you create great content and craft a compelling story. 

It helps you take your ideas and turn them into compelling stories. 

You can use the tool to write a blog post, create an email newsletter,  Social media post, answer Quora questions, Voice over, Icebreaker, LinkedIn profile,  or create a sales letter. 

The AI copywriting software tool is easy to use and has a variety of templates so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

  • Writecream Is Best For — 

Content creators



  • Key Features —

A Free Forever Plan ( 20 credits! 40,000 characters ) — access to all their tools and newest features every month.

And the best part is that no credit card is required to have access to the templates; you need to sign up and start writing or using other features you prefer.

Long-Form Editor ( AI Writer )— It can generate long-form content like blog articles and video scripts in minutes.

When using the tool, you can write a 1000+ words article in less than 30 minutes.

75+ Languages — You can choose from over 75 languages for text, image, and audio output.

Human-Sounding Voice—Over YouTube videos & Podcasts

Ease of use — It was easy to use and very user-friendly, with great quality content.

They also have a lot of tutorial videos for their features.

Customer Service — The customer user experience was excellent!

Mobile App — Writecream’s mobile apps, you can download on the AppStore or get it on Google Play.

Browser Extension — You can generate articles in WordPress, Bloggers, Google docs, Grammarly, or other online text editors with Writecream’s browser extension.

It is available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

  • Limitations — 

They are low on the SEO part

Their long-form Editor takes many credits

  • Pricing Plan —

Writecream AI has three payment plans

Unlimited: (limited offer) $29/month

Standard: $49/month

Extended: $69/month

Writecream does not have a free trial, but you can test it through the free plan. (No credit card required)

Writecream currently has a lifetime offer of one payment on the Appsumo marketplace.

The price is $59 to use it for life and with all future updates.

BUY NOW! Before the offer is gone, there is a limited time.

2. Copysmith AI7 Days Unlimited Free Trial

Copysmith AI copywriter can write and launch SEO-focused product descriptions and Meta tags that can quickly convert more shoppers to customers.

Their campaign builder can create an entire campaign in just a few clicks.

Copysmith AI learns from the input and writes each generation word by word to get quality and original result output.

  • Copysmith is Best For


Enterprise teams



  • Key Features–

7-Day Unlimited Free Trial | No Credit Card Required – All you need is to sign up with your email and you can check the performance of the tools they offer.

You will have access to 20 content generations every day, you can do a limit of 5 plagiarism checks, and you will have access to a limited number of program integrations.

100+ Languages — Copysmith AI supports 100+ languages to write, and you can use their in-file translation to rewrite your content in other languages of your choice

API via Enterprise Plan —They currently offer API only for their enterprise plan

Bulk Content — You can generate hundreds and thousands of pieces of 

content at a scale. 

It allows you to generate meta descriptions for an entire website, and also product descriptions for your whole catalog of products within a few minutes.

Numerous Templates — There are varieties of templates to choose from.

Choose a template to accomplish your task for you by giving instructions to the AI.

Ease of Use — Copysmith is designed to be easy to use to save time and effort on content creation.

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you can access news and tutorial updates.

Chrome Extension is available

Customers Support—They offer great support services to their customers’

  • Limitations

Rollover of credit is not available, all remaining credit will be outdated after 12 months

  • Pricing

There are three payment plans for Copysmith

Starter ( for individuals ):  $19/month

Professional  (for growing teams ):  $59/month

Enterprise (for business ): you need to contact them

Copysmith offers 7 days unlimited free trial which you can use to test their tools.  (No credit card required)

3. Copymatic — 5000 Words Free Trial

Copymatic AI copywriting software tool is a content-generating software tool that uses the power of GPT-3 to generate original content.

It can generate unique human-like copies in minutes, and there are various templates to use.

  • Copymatic is Best For


Small businesses

Content creators

  • Key Features —

10 Credit Words Free Trial | No Credit Card Required – All you need is to sign up with your email and you can check the performance of the tools they offer.

25+ Languages

50+ Available Tools — You can generate all kinds of copy or content in minutes with their amazing creative writing tools.

API Access — to all their tools which are offered to paid members

WordPress Plugin— It lets you import the articles that you generated with copymatic in one click

Ease of Use — The interface is very user-friendly, you don’t need a lot of tutorials to learn how to use it.

Customers Support—They offer great support services to their customers’

  • Limitations —

The copy generated sometimes does not make sense like other AI copywriters, you have to try it two to three times to get a satisfactory copy. 

  • Pricing

There are two payment plans for Copymatic

Pro Plan: $32/month, but if you pay yearly you will get 4 months free

Enterprise Plan: You need to contact sales

Copymatic offers 10 credit words free trial to test their tools. (No credit card required)

4.— 7- Days Free Trial Of The Pro Plan is one of the most popular ai tools in the market, to generate high-converting marketing copy in minutes.

You can use to create social media content, website copy, sales copy, blog posts, and more.

  • is Best For —

Business Owners

Blog Writers

Social Media Managers

Email Marketers

Marketing Agencies

Startup Teams

  • Key Features— 

Free Plan— 2000 words per month ( No credit card required )

7 days free trial of Pro plan

25+ languages

Blog Wizard Tool

90+ Copywriting tools and template

Ease of Use — The interface is very user-friendly, you don’t need a lot of tutorials to learn how to use it.

Customers Support—They offer great support services to their customers’

  • Limitations —

It lags sometimes

Creating a long copy requires you to use several steps to get a good copy

  • Pricing Plan– has a Pro plan payment plan: $49/month offers 7 days free trial of their pro plan to try their tools. (No credit card required)

5. Writesonic — Free 6,250 Words Every Month

Writesonic is the best ai writer in the market that generates SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your website, emails, ads, and more.

  • Writesonic is Best For —





  • Key Features —

Free Plan: They offer 6250 words every month ( No credit card required )

25+ Languages

70+ AI Templates

1- Click WordPress Export

Browser Extension

Zapier Integration

Sonic Editor ( Google Docs Like Editors)

Ease of Use— their interface is very neat and well-organized to understand.

They offer Quality support

  • Limitations—

You can not use the same system to use Writesonic, even when I log out for another user to use the system.

It was impossible for another user to use it.

  • Pricing

Writesonic has two payment plans

Short-form: $10/month

and Long-form: $13/month

Writesonic offers 6250 words free trial to try their tools.

6. Inkforall— 7 Days Free Trial of Professional

Inkforall is powered by natural language optimization Al to generate and optimize content with the highest performance.

  • Inkforall is Best For —




Social Media Marketers


  • Key Features —

Free Plan— 2000 AI words/ month, 12 AI Images/Month, 3 SEO article keywords/months

Free 7-days free trial of professional

AI Word Editor— You can write your content on their long content editor

130+ Writing Templates— Start creating content with their AI writing templates

INK Image Generator— You can generate AI Images for your ads, emails, articles and more!

SEO Optimizer— Optimize your content with their SEO Optimizer

Content Planner— Use their keyword cluster for maximum velocity to turn your keywords into a content plan.


Customer Support— They offer great customer support to their customers

Ease of use— Their templates are well arranged for you to choose from.

  • Limitations—

There are too many templates to choose from

  • Pricing Plan —

Inkforall has 3 payment plans

Starter— $59/month

Professional — $118/month

SEO Rocket — $ 590/month

They offer 7 days free trial of professional for you to test their tools

7. — 5 Day Trial for Only $1 is an all in one AI writer that is used to research, write and also optimize content.

It can help you to generate SEO-Optimized content by generating the right keyword and questions for the content.

  • is Best For—


Content Marketers


Marketing Agencies


  • Key Features—

5 days trial for $1

Content Brief— you can curate content briefs in minutes

Content Writing— you can generate a high-converting copy very fast

Content Optimization— You can compare your own content to your top search competitors

Content Analytics — new content opportunities for your business

Keyword Search Volume— unlock outline builder, commercial and informational keyword modifiers

Serp Data Enrichment— get to know domain authority and backlink data

Frase AI Writer— unlimited AI writer to generate content at a click

  • Limitations

You have to pay $1 before you can use their 5 days trial

You have to have Frase add-on before you can use Frase AI writer unlimited

Their starter plan doesn’t allow unlimited documents

  • Pricing has 3 payment plans

Solo: $14.99/months  $12/month if paid annually

Basic: $44.99/month  $37/month if paid annually

Team: $114.99/month  $97/ month if paid annually

Frase offers 5 days trial for $1 to try out their tools

8. Growthbar SEO– Free 5 Days Trial 

Growthbar SEO  software tool is designed to generate content that ranks high on Google.

It is a software tool built to find keywords, and write SEO-optimized content.

  • GrowthBar SEO is Best For




  • Key Features

Free 5 days trial– 

AI Content— Generate content outlines, optimal titles, and others for your website.

Collaborate— you can invite your writers and editors to get SEO–optimized content out and faster

Others Research Tools— to generate content that will help you to get backlinks to your blog.

Keyword Research Tool— you will be able to get billions of keyword suggestions, keyword difficulty scores and related long tail keywords for your post

Chrome Extension— Free to use an extension with your account


Too expensive for a beginner

  • Pricing Plan–

GrowthBar has 3 payment plans

Standard: $48/month

Pro: $99/month

Agency: $199/month

Growthbar offer 5 days free trial to test their tools 

9. Peppertype—10,000 Words Credit Free Trial

Peppertype is an AI writing software tool that generates better copies for Content writers, Marketers, and Bloggers.

  • Peppertype is Best For— 

Blog Writer

Social Media Managers

Email Marketers

SEO Managers

Product Managers

Content creators

  • Key Features—

Free Trial— 10,000 words credit free trial ( No credit card required )

Emails in 30-seconds— a quick way to create email campaigns that will convert

Long-form content 10x faster— Create a high volume of content for your blog and more

Google Ranking— create SEO blog and meta description

Landing pages in 30- minutes — use’s 45+ template to generate content of your needs.

Repurpose Old Content— rewrite your old content and repurpose them fast.

Ease of Use— great interface and very simple to understand

Customer Support— very polite, and quick response

  • Limitations

It needs improvement on the grammar side

  • Pricing Plan —

Perppertype has 3 payment types

Personal: $35/month

Team: $199/month

Enterprise: contact them

Peppertype offers a 10,000-word free trial to test their tools. ( No credit card required )

10. Rytr. me Free 5000 Words Every Month

Rytr is one of the best affordable AI content software tools that generate high-quality content at a bearable cost.

  • Rytr. me is Best For—




  • Key Features—

Free For Ever As You Scale

40+ Use Cases and Templates— choose from their set of templates to write your needs.

30+ Languages— use your preferred language to write your needs.

20+ Tone of Voice— choose the right emotional tone to fit your writing

Copywriting Formulas— scientific formula available to write minimal copy editing.

Image Maker—use AI to generate images for your content

Customer Support— good customer support

Ease of Use— beginner friendly

  • Limitations

Sometimes the copy generated is not of high-quality

  • Pricing has two payment plans

Saver plan: $9/month

Unlimited plan: $29/month

Rytr provides you with a 10,000 characters free plan which you can use to test their tools.

11. Anyword— 5000 Words Credit Card for Free Trial 

Anyword is a popular AI copywriting software tool to generate and optimize your content. 

It also gives you an analysis of the content before you publish it.

  • Anyword is Best For—



Content Marketers


Affiliate Marketers

  • Key Features—

Free Trial— 5000 words credits for 7 days ( No credit card required! )

30 languages—

100+ Al writing Tools

Blog wizard

Real-time prediction performance score and analysis

Great customer support

It was easy to use without any tutorial

  • Limitations

It can generate meaningless content sometimes

  • Pricing plan–

Anyword has two payment plans

Starter: $49/month

Data-Driven: $149/month

Anyword offers 5000 words free trial to test their tools

12. Simplified— Free For Ever Plan ( No Credit Card Required! )

Simplified AI writer is trained to generate marketing copy for marketers, and social media Influencers.

It is a tool that provides the best design, writing marketing copy, creating videos, and social media publishing.

  • Simplified is Best For—

Social Media Marketers


Content Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Team Agencies


  • Key Features

Free forever plan

50+ AI Content Templates

Long Form Writers

Copy AI Rewriter Tools

Tone Switcher

Very Good Responsive Customer Care

Fair user experience

  • Limitations

It takes time to understand how to use the tools very well

  • Pricing Plan–

Simplified has 3 payment plans

Small Team: $18/month

Business: $30/month

Growth: $75/month

Simplified offers free forever plan which you can use to test their tools

Here is Black Friday Deals if it is still available to get best lowest price of the year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is AI Copywriting Software?

AI copywriting is an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence technology to help businesses build their online presence.

By saving them a lot of time creating content for their online businesses.

 AI copywriting is not a new concept, but it has only recently been introduced to the world of digital marketing.

 There are many benefits of using AI copywriting to help your business’s online presence. 

Using AI copywriting can increase conversion rates, improve website traffic, and increase sales.

Which is the Best AI Copywriting Software?

The best AI copywriting software depends on your needs.

For example, I love using Writecream because it can generate quality Quora answers, and the paragraph generator is doing an amazing job.

I will always recommend it, but until you try some of the best AI copywriting software tools to know which one fit your needs.

All the AI writers mentioned above are very good to generate quality copy and content.

Which AI Tool is Best for Content Writing? is good to generate content writing

What is the Best Free AI Writing Software?

The best free AI writing software is writecream AI, which provides you with 10,000 words every month.

If you like quick reading, here are best 13 copywriter you can choose from.


The best AI copywriting software have been selected for you, make sure you try them out to pick the best one that fit your needs.

They are all amazing AI software tools to help you write faster, and make life simple for you.

Disclosure: Some of the external links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link, and take action or buy the item, I will receive an affiliate commission directly from the vendor, but there will be no additional charge to you.

I only recommend products that I use or believe in.

Thank you for the support!

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