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How To Format Affiliate Marketing Posts For SEO To Make Huge Money

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Affiliate marketing posts have become a popular way for business owners like Bloggers to generate revenue by promoting other people’s products online. 

You can create affiliate marketing posts and format them to gain traffic from Google to get quality clicks and make a lot of commissions. 

 With structure, format, or direction it can be easier to see the success. 

This blog post is going to cover how to format, and what you should include in the affiliate marketing posts.

What are Affiliate Marketing Posts?

Affiliate marketing posts are posts that are focused on telling people about products or services that they can get through the vendor’s website, and in turn, the writer of the post gets commissions for sales that the visitors make.

Why Should You Format Affiliate Marketing Posts For SEO?

As an Affiliate marketer, the important thing is to attract visitors with buyer intent to read your blog posts and click your affiliate links to buy.

You can only get plenty of visitors with buyer intent from Search Engines like Google because people are typing keywords and searching for what they need to search engines and when you format your affiliate marketing posts for SEO those people can find your blog post fast and bring you sales to earn a lot of commissions.

Search engine traffic lasts and is also stable to get quality visitors that will click your affiliate links to buy than any other platforms.

That is why it is important to format affiliate marketing posts for SEO to get them found by visitors from Search Engines like Google.

How To Format Affiliate Marketing Post For SEO?

The best way to get affiliate marketing posts found is to make sure they’re formatted correctly for SEO.

So let’s see how to do that:

1. Use one targeted keyword in your blog post

Anytime you want to write an affiliate marketing post make sure you use one targeted keyword for one blog post.

For example, in this blog post, my targeted keyword is ”affiliate marketing posts” and that is what my focus is, that I wrote about.

There are various ways to do keyword research but the most commonly used is using keyword research tools.

There are various keyword research tools  like SEMrush, KW Finder, SE Ranking, Serpstat, and more, or you can also check my blog post about 17 best free keywords  out there to get the best keyword to write about.

If your blog is new, it is better to target low keywords with high search volume, to get the afiliate marketing posts found quickly by Google.

 Instead of competing with high keywords with high search volume which may take a long time or may never be found because of the high competition on Google.

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2. Write The Blog Post Inform Of List post (listicle)

List posts are  types of posts that showcase a list of items with a brief description of each item.

 These posts might be used on blogs, websites, or  social media posts.

Here is a blog post to help you write a list post.

3. Write An Engaging Title For The Affiliate Marketing Post

An attractive title attracts quality sales, so always use an attractive title for your blog post.

For affiliating marketing posts, your intent is to make visitors know that they want to read the best or top blog post about what you are writing about.

So always use the word ” Best” or “Top” in your Title + the targeted Keyword, for example: 17 Best Keyword Research Tools, Top 9 Keyword Research Tools and the intent with the year.

For example : 17 Best Keyword Research Tools of 2023 ( Ranked & Reviewed ) or 9 Top Keyword Research Tools of 2023 ( Free & Paid )

You can always check the first page of Google for guidance.

4. Use The Targeted Keyword In The Affiliate Marketing Posts and Some Other Places 

It is important to place the targeted keyword in various parts of the blog post to get Google indexed the post.

Here are the places where you should place the targeted keyword:

— In the Title

—In the first or second sentence of the Introduction

—In the H2 Heading

—In the body of the blog post

—In the URL

—In the Meta Description

RankMath SEO Plugin tool is  one of the best tools for this analysis, so get it installed on your blog. 

5. Write Brief Introduction

When writing the introduction part let it be brief about what the topic is about and what to expect in the blog post.

Don’t add a link to the introduction of the affiliate marketing posts, you need people to read your blog post not that you will send the people away to another post immediately.

After that add table of content to the blog post, there are several plugins to use to add table of content to blog post.

Easy table of contents plugin is good. You can install that.

If you like to add a comparison chart or table you can do so.

6. How To Write The First H2 In The Affiliate Marketing Posts?

After your introduction is the H2, since it is an affiliate marketing post, that means it is a blog post about a list of products or services you want to write about.

Then your H2 after the introduction will be question.

For example if the blog post is about 7 best keyword research tool

Then the first  H2 will be “What Are The Best Keyword Research Tool?”

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Write some few sentences like here are the keyword research  tools we picked for you to get accurate results out of the tools. 

Something like that.

Then you will now start starting the list of the product one after the other.

7. How To Format The Products or Services In The Affiliate Marketing Posts

—Each product or service should be tagged H3, for example  if the first product is KWFinder then you write as 1. KWFinder and format it to H3 and that is how you will tag the remaining list with “company name and tag it with H3”

If it is a software and it has a free trial, state it under the H3, but if it is not a software, you don’t need to add it.

—state who is best for

—Add a picture related to the product or service

—Write the first sentence starting with the brand name and  what it is used for

— Write brief paragraph about the product or service

—State the key features of the product or service formatting with bullet points.

—State the Pros & Cons of the product or services

—State the pricing

—Write a bold call to action sentence

—Add a CTA button

—Add a link that is related to the product or services you are writing about, may the full review or other related post.

When you are done listing all the products or services then you should add Frequently Asked Questions about the targeted keyword and answer the questions.

You can get this from Google or from Keyword research tools like AnswerThePublic. 

Write a full review of each product or service you are writing about and the link to the H3 of each product.

Then write the conclusion of the blog post by stating what you feel and add a call to action you want your readers to do.

Some people add exit-intent popups for affiliate offers, if you wish you can do that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write Affiliate Marketing Post?

Affiliate marketing posts can be written in a list format where the list of the product or services will be mentioned with key features, pros & cons, price and call to action.

What is an Affiliate Post?

Affiliate posts are a type of marketing post that is meant to promote a product or service that the writer is affiliated with. 

This means that the reader will click a link and then be directed to the site of the product or service. 

In return, the writer will get a percentage of the sale. 

The writer is usually given the choice of whether or not to be paid a certain amount or how much they want to be paid.

 If they choose the amount, they are given a monetary figure, which they can either decide to accept or not. 

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The writer can also decide if they want to be paid on a one-time or recurring basis. 

The writer then has the option to put in their affiliate link. 

The link is usually a shortened URL that the writer can copy and paste into their blog or else where.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Content?

The best way  to do affiliate marketing content is to post content that is relevant to the company you are trying to promote.

 For example, if you are promoting a clothing company, then you would want to share pictures and write about people who are wearing the clothes. 

The more people who see your content, the more likely you are to get more traffic and sales.

How Do I Write An Affiliate Marketing Blog Post?

Affiliate marketing blog posts can be written in a list format where the list of the product or services will be mentioned with key features, pros & cons, price and call to action.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how to create SEO-friendly affiliate marketing posts. 

One of the most important steps in the process of affiliate marketing is making sure that the content on your site is optimized for SEO.

  You can use a popular SEO plugin like RankMath SEO to make your affiliate marketing posts SEO-friendly. 

It is important to format your affiliate marketing posts for SEO to get index fast and build up your audience to make big money! 

Here is an example of a list post you can check

If you’re looking for high ticket affiliate products or services to promote and make money, we recommend checking out our best affiliate programs picked for you.

 Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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