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Easy Guide Blog Post(How To Write One)

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A guide blog post takes time to write because it’s an in-depth long type of blog post.

You are pouring your heart out to help your readers to do a task.

So to make things easier for you whenever you want to write one, follow the steps in the post.

1) Here’s how to write a Guide blog post

  1. Generate the topic and outline you want to write about
  2. Craft a compelling headline
  3. Create an engaging Introduction
  4. Explain the steps to your readers
  5. Format the guide blog by using proper heading tags
  6. Add visual content
  7. Write a conclusion and add a call to action
  8. Edit the guide blog post

1) Generate the Topic And Outline You want to Write About

You can generate the topic and the outline by

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Using Google’s Autocomplete
  3. Using Google’s related searches
  4. Checking what the people in your niche are writing about
  5. Using Portent’s content ideas generator
  6. Using a keyword research tool

2) Craft a Compelling Headline

State what your readers will gain when they follow your guide.

Your title should give hope to your readers, it should be able to assure your readers that when they follow your guide that they will find relief and clarity after reading your post.

For example:

The Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing

The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To Make Money Online

The Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing

Easy Guide To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Make sure to craft your title before you start writing the post, to guide you on your topic without losing focus.

3) Create An Engaging Introduction

You can start your introduction by mentioning your readers’ difficulties, and how they struggle with them.

Then promise them that, if they follow the easy steps in your guide, they will be able to solve their difficulties.

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Tell your readers what the guide post will be about and if you like you can list out the steps.

4) Explain The Steps To Your Reader

Write out the point in which you want to help your readers to do their aim.

Why the point in the guide post will be beneficial to them.

If you have evidence to back it up make sure to add it.

Spell out who the easy guide post is for?

Assure your readers that by following your steps they will get the result they hope for.

Goes in-depth about the topic of the guide post by explaining each step to take to solve the problem with simple language.

5) Format The Guide Blog By Using Proper Heading Tags

Use the H2 tag to tag all your main steps, and use the H3 tag to tag the subheading.

Add H4 tag and remaining tags where necessary.

Add numbers to your points, or you can add a bullet point to them.

6) Add Visual Content

A guide blog post is a type of long-form blog post that explains in detail, step by step of doing something to get a good result.

Adding visuals will help the readers to digest the guide post fast and make the post less overwhelming to read.

It’s breaking up the long post for easy reading.

You can use the skipping tool to take screenshots of the necessary page to explain your point if necessary.

7) Write Conclusion and Add a Call to Action

Conclude your blog post by reminding your readers about the points you explained in the guide post.

And assure them to follow the step-by-step in the post to get a good result.

Then add whatever action you want them to do.

8) Edit The Guide Blog Post

When you have finished writing your blog post, make sure to take a break before you start going through the post for any misspellings or bad grammar.

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You can give it to someone to help you to proofread it, or you can use online editing tools to edit the post.

You can use any editing tools of your choice or you can use Grammarly and Heming app Editor.

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I hope with all you have learned to write a guide blog post, it will be easier when you follow the steps in the post.

If you find the blog post useful to you, please leave a comment and share it with others.

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